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Chicken broccoli, General Tso’s chicken and Chop Suey is usually known as Chinese food, but if you ask any Chinese person, they will claim that it is not Chinese food. The dishes are thoroughly American, which warped the traditional dish into something unrecognizable to the people who brought it here the first place.

Most Chinese restaurants don’t serve Real Chinese food. China has over 5000 years of diverse culture and history. This culture is spread all over the world through primarily by trade. Unfortunately, the diversity of Chinese food that has been cultivated for over 5000 years did not impact as much compared to other products that originated and was traded from China. This is a loss for Chinese culture and the world.

Chinese culinary arts have impacted many aspects of modern day food in many countries. Tofu, which is a staple in Korea, originated from the Song dynasty. Japanese culinary arts stemmed from the Tang dynasty. Unfortunately, what took hold in American Chinese food culture is a bastardized version of Chinese food.

It is even harder to find authentic Chinese restaurants the further away you are from Chinatowns. Fortunately, Master Chef, a new concept of Chinese restaurants is looking to put the entire concept of on its head. In the US, the number of Americanized Chinese restaurants outnumbers American fast food franchises like McDonald’s.

Their goals are to serve traditional Chinese food without the stigma of being inedible, takeout food, or contain various animals that no one eats. By incorporating Chinese culinary arts into the fine dining experience with western aesthetics, it changes the concept of Chinese food and change the stereotype. Currently authentic Chinese restaurants that are only serve a microscope to the millions Chinese dishes. Master Chef is the melting pot of 5000 years of Chinese culinary arts fused with American culinary preferences.